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Lasagna Soup
Lasagna Soup

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Before you jump to Lasagna Soup recipe, you may want to read this short interesting healthy tips about Easy Ways to Get Healthy.

Everybody knows that in order to truly be healthy you need to eat a nutritious and balanced diet and get a proper amount of exercise. Sadly, there isn’t often enough time or energy for us to really do the things we need to do. Working out at the gym isn’t something people decide to do when they get off from work. We want a yummy, greasy burger, not an equally tasty salad (unless we’re vegetarians). The good news is that making wise decisions doesn’t have to be a pain. If you are diligent you’ll get all of the activity and healthy food you need. Here are some tips to be as healthful as possible.

When you go grocery shopping, be sensible about it. Making good decisions when buying groceries means that you’ll be able to eat nutritious meals without a lot of effort. Think about it: you aren’t going to want to cope with a chaotic store or a long drive through line at the end of the day. You’re going to go home and use what you have on hand. Your house should be stocked with healthy foods and ingredients. In this way, even when you determine that you want something greasy or not super nutritous, you will still be choosing items that are healthier for you than you would probably choose while running into a store or fast food restaurant.

There are all sorts of activities that you can do to get healthy. An overpriced gym membership and very hard to stick to diets are not the only way to do it. It is the little things you choose on a daily basis that really help you with weight loss and getting healthy. Being smart about the decisions you make each day is a start. Wanting to get in as much exercise as possible is another. Don’t overlook that health isn’t only about simply how much you weigh. It has more to do with making your body as powerful as it can be. We hope you got inspiration from reading it, now let’s go back to lasagna soup recipe.

Lasagna Soup Recipe

You can cook lasagna soup using 17 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

The ingredients needed to prepare lasagna soup :

  1. Provide lean ground beef
  2. Get large onion, diced
  3. Use olive oil, extra virgin
  4. Prepare garlic cloves, minced
  5. You need chicken broth
  6. Prepare diced tomatoes
  7. Get crushed tomatoes (or fave pasta sauce)
  8. You need tomato paste
  9. You need broken pasta noodles (about 7 lasagna noodles broken)
  10. Use basil (dried)
  11. Provide oregano (dried)
  12. Use rosemary (dried)
  13. Prepare thyme (dried)
  14. Take parsley (chopped for garnish)
  15. Use sugar
  16. Get salt and pepper to taste
  17. Prepare dollop of ricotta (topping)

Instructions to make Lasagna Soup :

  1. In Dutch oven or pot, brown ground beef then drain and set aside
  2. Add oil to pan and Sautee onion and garlic until onion translucent
  3. Add tomato paste and cook 2 min
  4. Add crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, chicken broth and season with the herbs
  5. Add meat back to pot and stir to incorporate everything
  6. Add your broken pasta and add the salt and pepper to taste and the sugar
  7. Let everything come to boil then reduce heat and cook about 10 min or until pasta cooked through
  8. Top with a dollop of ricotta and parsley! :) yum! ! (this is optional but so delish and makes it creamy)

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Improve Your Diet With These Suggestions

Usually, those who would like to improve their diet do so in an effort to get rid of excess weight or improve their overall health. It’s admirable to want to alter your diet for the better but it demands serious commitment on your part. It can be really tough to alter everything right away so it makes perfect sense to alter things slowly over a period of time. Simply add in more nutritious foods and get rid of the junk food. The following are severala few ways that you can improve your diet.

Make sure your diet is balanced Eating a balanced diet is a good idea since eating one thing again and again is not great for your health. Moderateness is the key for many things in life, including food. Remember to get adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats in your diet since your body needs these foods to keep it functioning smoothly. To maintain a properly working digestive system, make sure to include fiber daily.

Avoid eating large portions of food Try keeping your food portions modest. These day lots of us overindulge because we are greedy. We may be feeling really hungry so we consume a large plate of food and then feel absolutely heavy later. Eating too much means you’ll put on fat and your tummy will grow bigger, meaning you will begin needing more food to feel fuller, which isn’t a great thing. The best approach is to reduce your meal size little by little so that your stomach will get used to it and finally become small again.

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Merely observing these five health tips can make a big impact on your health and weight. These tips are so easy to follow you should have no problem implementing them.