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Toast with Eggs Benedict and Baked Beans
Toast with Eggs Benedict and Baked Beans

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Toast with Eggs Benedict and Baked Beans Recipe

To cook toast with eggs benedict and baked beans you only need 8 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook it.

The ingredients needed to prepare toast with eggs benedict and baked beans :

  1. Take eggs for the Hollandaise sauce
  2. Use egg (to be poached)
  3. Get Himalayan Salt
  4. Take Vinegar
  5. Get Pepper
  6. Take Lemon
  7. Take SCS Salted Butter
  8. Prepare Wholemeal / Wholegrain Bread

Instructions to make Toast with Eggs Benedict and Baked Beans :

  1. Crack 3 raw eggs into a glass or ceramic container. Place your container right on top of another metal pot of clean water and turn on the fire to a minimum, while using the mixer to mix the eggs. We don’t want to place the bowl of eggs directly over the heated gas because the eggs would otherwise turn into scrambled eggs. Keep the fire at a minimum. Toast with Eggs Benedict and Baked Beans1. Add a spoon of vinegar for some acidity for the hollandaise sauce. Add salt and pepper. Use the mixer again to mix them up. For the lime, just squeezing 2 to 3 small slices would do.
  2. Heat the butter up so that we can pour in the melted butter into the mix. For a portion of 3 eggs, use about 40g of salted butter.
  3. Slowly pour in the melted butter and mix them up simultaneously. Your Hollandaise sauce is now ready when it is of a creamy texture. If you have turned the heat up too high and cooked it to a slightly scrambled egg form, it is still salvageable. Just add 1 more raw egg and more butter and mix them up.
  4. Now we’re on to making the poached egg. Ensure that the metal pot of water your container is placed on has not started boiling. Because if we add in the egg while it’s boiling, the egg yolk is sure to burst. Now, add some vinegar into the hot pot of water. You will see that the water is now swirling in a circular motion due to the heat and the vinegar.
  5. Once you see the water swirling in a circular motion, but not boiling, you can crack your egg into it. It will just take a minute to two at most for the egg white to be solidified. Turn off the gas once you see that the egg white has solidified. Leave it in there for a minute.
  6. Once you’re done, place the poached egg on some disposable kitchen towel, to let it soak the water. This will prevent your toast from getting soggy later on.
  7. Toast 2 wholemeal or wholegrain slices of bread. Smear some butter on both slices.
  8. Cook the Ayam baked beans in a pan. Add some lemon and pepper.
  9. Place the poached egg gently on one of the toasted bread slices. Lightly place the Hollandaise sauce on top of the poached egg. Toast with Eggs Benedict and Baked BeansToast with Eggs Benedict and Baked Beans1. Add the cooked baked beans on the other toasted bread slice. Toast with Eggs Benedict and Baked Beans1. You now have a delightful breakfast of English toast with some yummy Hollandaise sauce on top of a poached egg and some baked beans.

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